New Zealand in Shanghai – Expo opening

It was with some pride that I watched New Zealand participate in the Opening Ceremony for The 2010Expo in Shanghai.

I an a country of 1.3 billion and New Zealand being such a small country in world terms it must have been a great honour to have been part of that ceremony. Only a small number of countries took part so to see a really different kind of Maori performance was wonderful. The New Zealand flag featured prominently too.

The whole show was very special but the fireworks, fountains, lasers, lights, the Hangpo River, the boats with countries flags, the bridges crossing the river and the biggest LED screen in the world was incredible.

I hope to visit The Shanghai Expo later in the year, I was part of the Expo in Osaka, Japan a long time ago (1970) and at the time I thought of that as one of the most amazing events I had ever attended.

Shanghai looks as though it will be even more wondrous.


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