Aussie Navy is hiring

Aussie Navy is hiring

The Australian Navy is seeking former U.S. Navy sailors and officers to man new destroyers and amphibs. // RAN

Interested in sailing with the Royal Australian Navy?

The U.S. Navy may be cutting jobs, but the Australian Navy is adding new ships — and seeking former U.S. sailors and officers to crew them.

“The Royal Australian Navy welcomes enquiries from both officers and sailors who are interested in a new career and new life in Australia,” the Australian defense department said in its recruitment posting. “In the coming decade, the RAN is delivering new capabilities in amphibious warfare, air warfare and also helicopter systems.”

They’re looking for submariners, medical officers and technicians, among others. Aegis experts are needed aboard three Hobart-class destroyers. Maintainers are needed for landing craft, planners are need for amphibious operations. Eligible applicants are 44 or younger and left the Navy within the last three years, according to the job post, recently reported on by Stars and Stripes.

Applications sent now will be considered in July and August, the defense department said.



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