We had a trip out of town

Went to Tenghe, the cities water supply comes from here. I guess the abandoned bike was used previously to patrol the area to keep people from polluting the water.


A trip out of town from John and Mei on Vimeo.

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Our weekend

Saturday I had some classes and then Mei and I went to a new restaurant, it sells pizza, and some quite reasonable steak and salads. This is the second pizza outlet in our neighbourhood which is quite extraordinary as when I arrived here I do not remember any. Indeed there are very rapid changes here, China is on the move.

Today, a day of rest but one of Mei’s friends came over and then took us out to lunch, back to the pizza shop, I had steak last night so today, the pizza was a nice change.

I don’t like eating out that much but it is a nice change sometimes.

Still warm and thundering and raining and is going to get cold overnight with some snow.

Our house is very warm though so we are very comfortable.

Mei checks our bill from last night, she does this very carefully indeed and always questions the staff to make sure we don’t pay more than we should


Mei checking every detail of the bill for our meal

Tasman Mako’s, my home town rugby team, against Northland Taniwha’s, which is my friend Sonny’s home team

There is always a fair bit of friendly rivalry between us when this match happens. Been a bit up and down so far, teams seem to be fairly even so far. 20 points to nineteen with Mako’s leading, can they hang on? They did hang on and Tasman Mako’s won 34 to 29. This competition is just wonderful.